Horseriding and Fertility Issues

Conceiving to many people is a guaranteed journey. However, there is a percentage of people face infertility issues.

Almost 15% of American couples who have unprotected sex and do not conceive within the first year of marriage face infertility problems (PenilePlus). There are many factors that cause infertility.

The health of each partner contributes much in fertility. However, male infertility contributes to about half of the families who are not able to conceive. Some of the basic causes of male infertility are low sperm production, abnormal sperm function and blockage of sperm delivery.

These problems can be caused by underlying health issues as well as certain lifestyle factors.

A study previously done shows that the occupation of a man can significantly affect the journey of the couple’s pregnancy. The study examined 32 years old 456 men who concentrated into the relationships and were trying unprotected sex. The findings were that 13 % of the men in physically wanting occupations had low sperm production. On the other hand, 6% of men who their jobs are not physically demanding, had lower semen concentrations. The researchers summarized that the physical demand of the job contributes a lot. Additionally, late-night shifts, heat, noise and prolonged sitting are other work factors which were found not to affect the quality of semen. The quality of the sperm is not only affected by the physical work but also it is linked to high blood pressure. High blood pressure contributes to lower percentages of normally shaped sperm. The medications that are used to treat high blood pressure in addition, contributes to low sperm production which is a male fertility issue. Men who take several medications are likely to produce less sperm. Research shows that these men produce less than 40 million which is the minimum normal sperm count. It is clear to say that various lifestyle cause male infertility.

The other issue affecting male fertility is overheating of the testicles.

Testicles overheating can be caused by frequent use of saunas or hot tubs, sitting, wearing tight attire like underwear as well as working on a laptop for very long periods.

Male fertility issues are also associated with exposure to toxins like pesticides, benzenes and herbicides.

When men expose themselves to such toxins, they are likely to have low sperm production.

Another issue that affects male fertility is that which makes men to experience a varicocele. Varicocele is a swelling seen in the veins. Its effects is that it drains the testicles as well as preventing normal cooling. It is the only issue that cause male infertility that can be corrected. Varicoceles are often asymptomatic but with time they can develop and become more noticeable. Varicoceles can rarely cause pain that ranges from sharp to dull discomfort. This increases with the standing or physical exertion and worsens over the course of the day. It can be relieved by lying on the back.

Performing some activities for long periods also cause fertility issues. Such activities include biking and horseback riding to be specific when biking on a hard seat or poorly adjusted bicycle.

There are also some other medical cases that affect male fertility. These causes include hormonal imbalances, sperm duct defects, undescended testicles as well as tumors.

Having certain current or past sexually transmitted infections which include chlamydia and gonorrhea are yet another cause of male infertility.

There are also other risk factors that are associated with men infertility including, smoking tobacco, excessive use of alcohol and marijuana, taking certain hard drugs like anabolic steroids and cocaine, being overweight and lastly suffering emotional stress.

In conclusion, male infertility is linked to many causes as discussed above.

It is advisable to take some steps to address the issue including some lifestyle changes so as to improve the chances of being fertile.